If there's a word that I particularly love above many others, it's serendipity. The way the musical notes of the word rolls off my tongue tickles my fancy. Even better when life events give you the opportunity to use serendipity in your conversation with your enlightened friends. These people understand there is a magical strand of energy connecting us all. Nothing better than an enlightened friend. No drugs required. You can have heightened con fabs without the aid of stimulants.

But I am not judging.

Maybe Just Dipity

Serendipity just seems to occur when you are in alignment with your joyful self. Joy attracts the deliciously unexpected. Menial errands should be welcome. You never know what will happen.

Let me explain.

Serendipity in Action

Walking my dogs this morning around my neighborhood, I was ears deep in a podcast on blogging when I chanced upon a little, wooden, round table on the side of the road. Now normally I quickly pass by these finds as I have an agreement with my husband to purchase what we need rather than bring home stuff to figure out how we can use it. In this case, however, I had been looking for a little table to enjoy my coffee outside.

Still though, I hemmed and hawed. I could probably buy a table like that at Ikea. Then, I read the sign attached to the table..."Give me nise home." Before you comment, I did not misspell "nise." This was exactly the wording of the sign, and I knew I was the one who needed to give this table a "nise" home. An inspired nudge.

Welcome Our "Nise" Home

Getting the table home and setting it in the garage to dry as it had been raining pretty hard that morning, I excitedly pondered the opportunity for a small project. I could refinish, but admittedly, I was not ready for it quite yet. I had some blogging homework to do. In the near future though, I could paint up this table fairly quickly.

Standing there imagining the table of possibilities, I received a text from my daughter. "I've been asked to capture a bird loose in the neighborhood. I am going to set up a cage in a neighbor's yard. Do you have a table I could use?"

Serendipity. "Yes," I replied, "Yes, I do."

Coincidence Versus Serendipity

Some will brush this aside as a coincidence, but I know better. I know that by being in a joyful state of mind and learning again to listen to my deeper knowing, wonderful things happen.

Today, walking into the blood lab, I entered in a fasting stupor to the counter. I have had some tiny unexplained symptoms so I thought I was way overdue to have my bloods checked. Finding a morning to come to the lab had been difficult, but this morning everything seemed to flow. Here, I was, veins a popping, ready to fill some vials. After checking in at the front desk, I turned to reclaim my seat, but someone had taken it. Feeling a small stab of frustration, but knowing that person could not have possibly known that it had just momentarily been vacated, I stood a polite distance beside the chair and its occupant.

Then, the person in my chair whispered my name, and I turned around to find my good friend also having lab work done. We commiserated about blood we were about to lose and agreed to meet outside when we were done. Even though I had lots of work to do, I followed that inspiration again and told her I was planning to take the dogs for a walk. She had the opportunity to borrow her daughter's dog. We ended up spending a lovely morning emptying our body of blood and then going for a dog walk along the river. She breathed her wisdom, and I absorbed it. I felt uplifted with some writing ideas

Again, serendipity. A bit of blood for some wisdom. It was well worth it. I'd give more blood in fact for that kind of gold.

If you don't believe in serendipity, but prefer to view the above as coincidences that is just great. You do you. I, however, will continue to delight in the magical opportunities that take a regular day to an extraordinary day and use any chance I can to say...


Now, to serendipity a piece of pecan pie.

Update: My dear husband brought home coconut cream pie...sometimes the Universe knows better than you what you need...serendipity.

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