Our Perception Can Be Our Joy Or Our Misery

Dear Seeker Friend,

This story starts with a bathroom vent, and me almost getting myself run over...a lesson in mindfulness, perception, and joy. It's what I love about life...how a series of disjointed moments can be amalgamated together into a blog post.


Without going into too much detail, my house is a work in progress. Well, the truth would be that's it does tend to commence more backward than forward, but when I get too enmired in the hopelessness of house renovations, I remember how fortunate I am to have a snug roof over my head and a comfortable bed to sleep in. I don't love comparing my circumstances to someone else's misfortunate, but the nature of our human species is we sometimes need to remember there is worse before we can appreciate what we have.

Anyway back to vents.

From my porcelain viewpoint, I surmised that our bathroom vent was venting more than usual. It had a rather large hole where a chair leg or a foot had gone through. Feeling the need to fix something coming off the win of successfully replacing our oven door glass, I decided this was an easy fix...purchase a new vent cover.

Involving the Spouse

Now anyone who knows me is aware that I adore my husband. He is a lot of what I am not and a lot of what I am. We complement each other but disagree enough to be exciting. When I filled him in on my vent decision, he urged me to purchase vent covers that match the only other new one we have upstairs. He also thought we should order enough vent covers to change out all of them. In one conversation, I went from a project of 1 to a project of 8 x $20/cover.

Coordination is very important to my spouse which is very practical in many respects. It is not practical when you think you might change decors by the time you get into the renovating groove. The concern here is that I will purchase 8 covers, and we will never, ever, ever be able to change our style...ever. Once we have a theme like doorknobs or vents, we are committed to them for life. I supposed that says a lot of wonderful things about my spouse. This is a good thing as I am not planning to change any of my hardware.

The Purchase

Going to a well-known home-improvement store I purchased my first vent. I congratulated myself on having the foresight to photograph the one vent we were copying with my phone so that I could match the pattern. Leaving the store, I had a sense of victory. I only purchased one this time as we hadn't budgeted for the big purchase yet, and I was going to be in the area every week for the foreseeable future so I would buy a vent a week. It could be a weekly e-vent...see what I did there?!

Darn It

Getting the vent home, I showed my husband, and he immediately said that the vent was too small. Having to see for myself, I fit the vent into the floor without taking any packaging off. It was clearly too small. Some would view this as frustrating. I chose to view it as a step closer to success. Easy peasy to return it and buy another one.

Darn It Again

Later that week finding myself at the gas station after a productive morning of errands, I celebrated a full tank of gas by emptying all garbage receptacles into the available trash bin. Another back pat until I realized that I also tossed away my receipt for the vent. I considered going after it. If it had only been public garbage, I would have done it. Garbage from my family is another matter...gross.

It was a little bit harder to view this as a step closer to successful venting. In fact, it could put me back to where I started at ground zero...actually farther back than that as I might own a vent I couldn't use.


With trepidation, I returned to the big-box home-improvement store awaiting their refusal to honor my return of the vent. When the customer service person approached, I explained my situation, and she asked if I had the card I purchased the product on...which I did. We ran it through, and through the magic of technology, she traced my purchase and gave me a refund in less than 10 seconds.


I have been reading a lot of books lately lamenting the effect technology is having on our lives, but honestly today, I was ever so grateful for technology. Thanks to the miracle that is tech, I splurged and bought two new vents. They both fit!!!

Six more to go, and we will be together forever.

How Did You Almost Get Run Over?

While I was appreciating the miracle of technology and realized I could write a joyful blog post about my adventures, I walked when I was supposed to wait. The left turners had a signal, and I was smack in the middle of the road when they saw my sorry self. I got a honk...not in an ogling kind of way...and hustled my bottom to the other side.

There is a great deal of joy in not getting run over.

Yesterday I saw a chicken cross the road. I asked it why. It said it was none of my business.

- Stephen Wright

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