Joy Bytes

Sitting in the car waiting for my son, I settle into the passenger seat and shut my eyes. There's no telling how long my son will be, so I decide in this warm, secure environment, I will take a catnap. Nothing says late 40's like constantly taking opportunities like these to shut my eyes.

Allowing my lids to droop and indulging in some deep breathing, I feel myself drift away Then I become aware of the presence of something outside myself...creaks and groans...from the chair I am sitting tune to my own breathing. My chair appears to be napping with me. With each breath in, a creak. With each breath out, a squeak. It strikes me as funny, and I smile.

I just experienced a joy byte.

What is a Joy Byte?

The basic definition of the word byte is a basic unit of information. Joy according to Google is a great feeling of pleasure and happiness. Put together, you get joy byte which by Accepting Jane’s definition means little moments of delight.

Why should you care. Well, you should care about most everything except for spiders…well, you should care about those too, but from a distance…a long distance. They’re fast...especially the hairy ones.

#Joybytes is the new hashtag I have developed for use with my Instagram account. It was an idea that I had one day when I just saw something that made me so happy, and I wondered if other people were as thrilled by this little moment as I was. I’m hazarding a guess you do or you would not be frequenting a site all about joy.

Joy Bytes are Everywhere!

One of the lessons I have been learning is that joy is not complicated. Reaching a warm glow state of being is as simple as learning to pay attention to the little wonders. Sure, a new car or a vacation makes for a great day or week, but eventually that big excitement fades and you're back to grand zero with a car to wash and a sunburn.

Having the ability to see joy around you in the little things is a golden ticket to a world of possibility and opportunity. Better yet, you don't have to do anything more than just open your eyes.

With your lens of joy, you could see this at a local park on each of the fence posts...

Or this display in a ditch by the side of the road...

Or this at the beach.

The above are examples of visual delights, but it could just as easily be a conversation with a stranger or a moment of serendipity which leaves you feeling uplifted in spirit. When you are living in a state of joy, these episodes happen and happen often.

Just open your eyes (or close them if you're taking a nap and open your ears) and take a byte. You'll see, joy is everywhere.

Go ahead and check out my Instagram at @acceptingjane and throw out some posts of your own with the hashtag #joybytes.

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