Jerked Back Into Joy

Last week was not a tough week, but a challenging week. We had so many things happening that were reasons to be joyful…the plumbers were here to start the process of changing our poly B to pex, one of our children was starting a new job, and my husband’s schedule was slow which allowed him to be here to navigate the plumbing process which meant I was on dog duty (keeping Minnie from eating a plumber). So many reasons to take pause and be appreciative.

Except I was struggling big time with my joy factor.

The Perfect Storm

I have discovered three things that challenge my ability to find joy in the little things. This is not easy because I do tend to be able to find the bright side most of the time which makes me painfully irritating. Nevertheless, the perfect storm occurred, and all three things happened simultaneously. These were:

1. Lack of sleep.

2. No alone time.

3. Lack of creative outlet.

Last week’s busyness meant that I spent most of the week ferrying people around with the dogs in tow, had some bad nights with restless sleep, constantly on high alert with plumbers around (remember introvert), no time to myself, and no time to write or exercise some creativity.

Oh, and we had no food and ate out 3 nights in a row because I was so busy and too tired to shop. So, on top of being irritable, I also felt like garbage.

This equaled Glass Half Empty Because I Whacked It Against a Table and Cracked It Jane, and she is not nice to live with.

Attitude and Joy

At some point during these periods of crazy and depletion, you realize that nothing is going to change until you do all the things you have been avoiding or change your attitude. Often, doing the things I have been avoiding is easier than adjusting my attitude because you can get on with things with a bad attitude, but you cannot change your attitude and avoid…a positive attitude just won’t let you.

The truth is that often the Jane crazy train doesn’t get turned around until my children start fighting. I remember having the flu once being so sick that my husband and I could not remove ourselves from bed for a few days. My children held it together really well for a few days, but about day four they pitched a huge fight in the kitchen about who had to make dinner. This signaled to me that my time for sickness was over, and I firmly told my body that it was time to get on.

And surprisingly, it worked. Sometimes, I just need the angst of my children to get my mindset in a healthier direction.

The Hungry Vegan Effect

And this time was no different. Around Thursday, my vegan lost it as they were depleted in nutrients (due to lack of good food in the house), and the only thing scarier than me with lack of sleep is a hungry vegan. This signaled to me that my time for wallowing in my pity party was over, and it was time to pull myself together.

So, I did. I bought an online meal plan and put together a shopping list. Then, I went big-time grocery shopping. We’re talking staggering out with boxes type shopping. Following this, I dealt with a whole bunch of clutter and did some tidying up. Then, I made fresh bread in my bread maker.

Joy is Not Complicated But Can Feel Hard

Many times, I think it is going to be easier to just avoid those things that I don’t want to do because I just don’t feel like it, but what happens is I end up feeling worse. Kind of like the avoidance of exercise for the donut…short term gain for long term pain. I’m feeling appreciative right now of having that point in my brain (or children to meltdown) that says “Okay, enough now.”

Because when you get reconnected back to your joy again, you can’t believe that you were willing to suffer the disconnect for so long, and you understand what exactly a clean bathroom and a full fridge can do for the soul…and a hungry vegan.

Dream Bathroom!

Never underestimate the power of a clean bathroom and a full fridge to revitalize the soul.

- Accepting Jane

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