Awakening this morning, I did what any sensible person would do when greeting a new day. I arose with the sun, lit a candle, sat upon my meditation pillow, and quieted my mind.

Lol, of course not…I picked up my phone and went straight to Facebook. No quiet mind here!

Coming off a binge of watching too much CNN of the Russian-Ukrainian war, a Facebook friend lamented about the state of the world and the degradation that human beings can rain down on their fellow inhabitants for power and greed. Once she read about the Ukrainian Zoo and how scared the animals were, I think that did her in. She has a huge heart for animal welfare. I could relate to her feelings though. My hopelessness in humanity was the precipitator to me putting myself on a news ban the day before and avoiding listening to my Masterclass with Jane Goodall. The human race was not representing well through these two mediums, and really, what was the point in life.

It was in this headspace that I started my day.

Dealing with car issues can cause a lot of anxiety for me. I prefer to leave dealing of car things to my husband, but he has to go to this place called “work” every day so occasionally I have to adult and deal with my car problems. When my son informed me that his car was acting funny, I decided that it needed to go in for servicing relatively soon. We arranged a tentative day that he could take it into the shop, and I would pick him up. This plan changed from relatively soon to ASAP when I jumped in his car to see what was going on and was delighted to see that the Check Engine light was on. When asking him how long this amber gleam had been on his dashboard, he shrugged and said he hadn’t noticed it.

Sigh. I am not the only one who needs to do some adulting.

Since he also had to go to a place called “work,” I had to take the car in the next day. My anxiety started at a low idle.

One of the keys, when you suffer from car anxiety, is to find yourself a reliable and trustworthy mechanic so you can just agree with whatever gobblygook they spout, permit them to go ahead and fix the thingy, and pay them. We have such a mechanic. He listened to my description, attempted to fix the problem which surpassed his equipment, and referred me on to some other trustworthy mechanics who could finish the job. I felt relieved and confident of seeing this car issue through thanks to his thoughtfulness in writing copious notes to take to the next mechanic.

I then went to see my counselor who did a beautiful mindfulness meditation with me, and when I tried to control the exchange, steered me back on the path of pulling back into the now. When I released control to dissect my worries, I floated through a wonderful journey of seeing the world through the lens of the present. I left feeling warm and fuzzy thanks to her skills.

Arriving home, I had the task of sealing the backyard to prepare for the arrival of our new foster. This would be our smallest dog yet, and we had some gaps that needed sealing off as this dog was also known in its early days to be a flight risk. My youngest son stopped his work to assist me in setting up the yard. Together we problem solved a few issues and made a trip to the hardware store. It is truly an amazing thing when your offspring starts giving you great advice about how to tackle a project. I felt appreciative and grateful for his care and attention.

I then went to the vet to purchase food for Lizzie. The office staff was warm, welcoming, and helpful. After some banter, I left with the correct bag of food with warm wishes to enjoy the sun. I felt light and had a spring in my step.

These are just a few items in a very busy day, but by the end of it, I was left feeling that humanity was better than we give it credit for. Sure, these were all just little interactions, but real, authentic, human-to-human engagement is powerful for the restoration of a healthy viewpoint of humanity as opposed to the isolated reading of news and social media.

Sure, it’s important to stay informed. But like I was always a better mother when I was well-rested and had some time to honor my own needs, I am a better human when I inform myself from a place of healthy perspective. What this amounts to is a reminder to watch a little less news, interact with my fellow humans more, and be grateful for kind mechanics.

And no more morning Facebook! Better fluff up the meditation cushion.

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