Easy Joy

A Favour

As I write this, my computer is being supported by a polished wooden octagonal (I counted the sides!) table in an actual breakfast nook off the main kitchen on the second of four floors. Outside through one of the many windows, rain hammers down but thankfully does not obstruct my view of the natural scenery. Really though, it doesn’t matter where in this house I sit as there are views everywhere in this giant, fully-restored, character home.

And I’m the one doing them a favor.


Seriously though this is not really about me. It’s about my daughter caring for chickens and various animals, and her request that I accompany her to spend the night in our friend’s big, potentially scary if you decide to watch Halloween movies, home. I obliged and am now finding myself deliciously alone as my daughter has gone to work reveling in the joy of being alone, writing, and even better writing with a view…and eating a bowl of granola without two pairs of eyes watching my every spoonful.

At this moment right now, my biggest problems are possibly overfilling the coffee maker and the identification of the dishwasher which looks like another cupboard…oh and finding a garbage can. What is it with big houses and garbage…maybe their garbage self-combusts?

Not Material Girl

I’ve never been one who is overly materialistic in the housing department. I love things that are easy to maintain, look clean and pretty, but I have never desired to own my mansion. What some see as a sign of wealth and success, I see as endless time spent cleaning bathrooms. And yes, if you own a home like this you would hire a cleaner, but let’s be honest, I would be one of those clean-before-the-cleaner-gets-here sorts of people.

If I have an Achilles heel in the department of jealousy, it is people who have scenic views outside their windows with no neighbors to be seen, but just complete solitude planted in nature. I have scenic envy. For fear of being too flowery, gazing at natural beauty fills my soul.

Party in the Front

It feels like a luxury not to have to be magnanimous and love your neighbors having their weekly bonfire party into the wee hours of the night. I truly don’t resent them for doing this. I love people around me having fun, but it’s just nice not having to think about being magnanimous at all. It’s lovely to sit outside on your porch without having long conversations with your wee little neighbors about nanas who took away their favorite TV show (nana canceled cable) and all the intricacies of cat ownership when you are 4. Don’t get me wrong I love my chats with my little neighbors. They fill my soul differently and keep me from getting that too-little-time-with-young-people affliction when you start to think the world needs to function within a set of standards...self-manufactured.

However, like a mullet in reverse, I love to have the party in the front and business in the back. I love my front yard for conversation and my backyard to be the isolated introvert.

Joy is Easy...Today

Anyway, today, I don’t have to be generous in spirit, fluent in toddler, or share my cereal. Today, I am a self-centered, nature-absorbing, assistant carer to chickens.

Joy is about living in the moment and enjoying where you are right now…be it walking dogs, cleaning the house, job hunting with young adults, or working. However, I will say that right now joy is coming pretty easy. I’m not even having to be mindful about it. Just one look outside, and it’s there.

While the only goals I would like to have in this life are to live mindfully and grow in heart, it’s sure nice to get to coast on the open road of joy for once with no traffic in sight.

Joy Gods Laugh

Now, it’s time to read my book on the verandah (yes, the porch is too small a word) in the rain watching the hummingbirds with a coffee alone.

Can one die from too much joy?

And my coffee just overflowed. That’s nice to know that you can’t die from joy…the joy gods have too big a sense of humor. I’m off to personally grow in joy and clean up my mess. Then, hummingbirds.

If you squint, you can see the hummingbird on the upper left.

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