Day 5: Candy Crush Goodbye Version


Delete 10 apps on your phone or if you don't have 10 apps, delete 10 bad photos. Digital clutter is an interesting beast. Huge levels of stress related to having items on my phone do not exist...until I need to find something. Physical items carry a higher level of emotional heaviness for me. What this translates into is a form of denial and procrastination where photos and apps I do not use will be dealt with "later." Especially for photos when my thoughts go there, there is a definite loss of understanding on how I am going to preserve them. Not being a digital native like my kids, I don't trust technology to keep my treasures safe and available for when I want them. I want a box of photos to access when I have the 5-yearly itch to go through them.

Yet, I love taking photos. I am sensing that photo preservation for non-digital natives may be another idea for a mini-challenge.

What Went
  • Tapping the demo on emotional tapping but limited selection unless want to buy a subscription.

  • Grocery list app...don't use it...pen and paper for me and good old-fashioned impulse buying for me!

  • Fun photo altering app...I am just not fun. Taking the photo is as fun as it gets.

  • Task app...when my life is out of control, I download a list-making app so I can organize my kids. Another form of procrastination. I think I need therapy.

  • Wi-Fi finder...never used...I go directly to the nearest library or Starbucks when my data is getting low.

  • Creativity app from the library...never used...for dreaming and jealousy purposes.

  • Photos x20.

How to Delete from Android

Go to Google Play store, click the profile icon on the top right of the screen, select Manage Apps, select the app you want to delete, and then select Uninstall.

Subscription Apps

One attribute that I have deep in my soul is the fear of monthly subscriptions. I have no problem paying for an app upfront. Often, I find they have so much more value than their original purchase price, and I will 100% pay for now ads. Monthly subscriptions on the other hand are the horror of my soul. After doing a lot of work on myself and my money habits, I believe that subscriptions can easily become the slow leaks in your financial boat. That said, there are always a few exceptions, and my Spotify subscription is one of the most amazing apps in my life.


Photos of my dogs galore! This little exercise reminded me to delete photos that are of no value immediately upon taking them. This little gem showed up in my gallery. Not sure if I was going for a deep abstract expression which I will entitle Dark Joy or I took a photo in the dark. There were multiple photos along these lines of blurry, dark, multiple, and accidental (the ground, my knee, dog's mouth).

Dark Joy

Candy Crush

Candy Crush is here to stay for now. While I do not play it often, it's a lovely little diversion when my brain needs a break. I am surprised now I do not play it more because my brain often needs a break... a sprinter, not a marathoner, but I assume social media also fulfills that need. Candy Crush would probably be the more beneficial of ways to squander time.

Why Declutter?

Today's declutter lesson involved the word awakening. Taking the opportunity to declutter digitally reminded me that I need to take the time to deal with important things like photos in my life. Those things that I would miss if my phone dropped in the lake. Sure, I could rent space in some kind of cloud system, but for me, it feels like pushing the problem of dealing with photos into another realm Kind of like the logic of buying a storage locker because your garage is full. The process should involve more of an intentional cleanout, and then for moving into a cloud system if I plan to display it on say a digital photo frame with a hard copy format for the really important photos. Stay tuned for another mini-challenge in this area!

As an aside, I did almost delete this photo, but it made me smile so I kept it. It was the photo I sent my daughter who was away at the time when her birds were left alone with her computer. Toads!

Get rid of the mess, so you can soak up the moments.


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