Day 2: Might Be Nude

Clutter is no more than postponed decisions.

- Barbara Hemphill

The Overview

Today's challenge involved getting rid of 10 items of clothing. I concluded that I could skirt (ha, ha) by and get rid of 10 pairs of socks. This did not sit well with me considering I am the one who came up with this idea in the first place. However, you do you. If 10 pairs of socks are pairing (ha, ha!) down for you then go for it.

Man, I'm unintentionally punny today.

What Went

- socks galore...see below.

- long days of sweeping into a room with a long sweater are over...tripping hazard.

- 4 shirts in various states of disrepair.

- jeans...too big.

- full set and one lonely shirt.

- dressing gown...too big...worried that a gust of wind will come and I will be mistaken for the Michelin man.

- swimsuit bottoms...where did they come from?

You can see that I did not list 10 items, but I counted shirts and pajamas individually. Now, let's dig a little deeper.

Dog not included.

Socks - To Go

Believe it or not, the socks I have decided to get rid of epitomize my life in my late 40s...comfort. These particular pairs are the kind that ends up still in your boot when you take it off or come off the backs of your heels because they are too big. Those days are over. In an act of true self-care, I have banished any uncomfortable socks from my drawer. Life is too short to waste valuable time trying to find your sock in your boot...unless you want to show off your pedicure.

Ugly Pants - To Stay

In a deviation from decluttering, I want to talk about the one item that I will not get rid of...these pants.

They are the ugliest, loudest, bell-bottomiest pants I have ever seen, and every time I open up my seasonable clothes box to sort it out, they greet me. What can I say...I can never get rid of pants that make me laugh. Every season, I forget they are lurking, and when I see them, a true delight! I think when I'm older and think I can safely get them on and off I may wear them with the biggest hat and hoop earrings. My kids will be so embarrassed...I can't wait!

Bras - To Be Going

Entering the too much information zone, I currently own two bras in total. In the recent past, both decided to let the underwire break and stick through. Now, I'm in perpetual discomfort while I procrastinate on shopping, but this challenge and the one I have planned for the spring (Dress for Less course) tell me that grown-up women wear bras that don't pierce. My pledge to you is that immediately following the publication of this blog post I will purchase one bra online, see if it works, and then get another two. For my minimalist wardrobe, I think three will keep my chest elevated from laundry day to laundry day. I look forward to the day when my chest is not part of my clothing conversations...then I can move to underwear.

Why Declutter Clothes?

Because it is important to realize that the only person to dress up for is you. You need to feel good in your clothes. If style is your game, rock the trends. If a capsule wardrobe is your bag, mix and match clothes that feel like you. If permanent athletic gear is your choice wardrobe, throw out the leggings with holes and don the trainers. You do you!

Hey, doctor. I am concerned about a mass above my right knee.
Don't worry, ma'am. It's your right breast.

- Unknown, inappropriately accurate for my chest these days.

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