Day 2 - 10 Days of Gratitude


About 30 feet away, we make eye contact. The gentleman then swerves in another direction to avoid us. My little minions, Minnie and Lizzie, like to bark and snarl on the other side of a fence. Inside the yard, they are curious and friendly. It was unfortunate, but the gentleman who is avoiding us met the dogs with his dog on the other side of a fence on another occasion. I did try to explain it to him, but I recognized the expression. It's the same expression a mother of a neatly-kempt little one has when she meets your rowdy crew of three...horror, disbelief, and a touch of pride in their parenting skills. I have learned you just can't explain anything to anyone when that look crosses their face.

But on the upside of things, we had the entire dog park to ourselves this misty morning which is absolute heaven when it happens. I can listen to my podcast (it was on gratitude) and do not have to smile or acknowledge anyone...Pure antisocial bliss. It's not that I mind interacting with people, but I do love my solitary dog walks...which happen rarely. Have you noticed? People are everywhere.

Generous People

Standing at the intersection beside me facing the other lane of traffic, a man stands with his sign. Most vehicles ignore him. There is no question, that he is not in a good way. Limping with hard-living etched on his face, he gazes with his head down waiting to be acknowledged. A big rig pulls up beside him and waves something outside the window. The man limps quickly towards the driver and reaches up to accept the $20 bill. He nods an enthusiastic thank you and returns to his position.

I am grateful to witness this example of generosity. No poses for social media. Just human to human generosity. A reminder that there are many good people out there who leave judgment off the table and preserve as much as they can someone else's dignity.


Every day, my husband asks me excitedly..."Have you done today's Wordle?" We discovered a strange loophole where I get the puzzle he gets a day earlier. If I do the puzzle ahead of time, he can sail in the next day and score the answer in one go. He loves putting one over on the system. Actually, this little five-minute game has proved to be a bonding point with my spouse, my children, my extended family, and friends. I am so grateful to the creator of this little game for providing me with endless fun and talking points which apparently was a labor of love in itself.

What I Am Learning

From my reading and listening gratitude is the quickest way to change your vibration (when I say vibration I generally mean what energy you are emoting). I do agree that it is one of the most effective, but the jury is out on the fastest. I was feeling vibrationally off today, and no amount of gratitude seemed to sway it. I will say it did not get worse. Then, I listened to a podcast that talked about neuroplasticity and gratitude. That makes sense to me...the practice of gratitude. Creating new neural pathways or solidifying existing ones to go to a place of contentment and joy rather than anxiety and discontent will take time. No formula for an instant Pollyanna here.

Just saw two rats from my window view head down towards my birdfeeder...desperately racking my brains for something to be grateful for here.


An Experiment of Gratitude – The Science of Happiness

Piglet noticed that even though he had a very small heart, it could hold a rather large amount of gratitude.

– A.A. Milne

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